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A podcast about the horrible, funny and weird sides of online dating.

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About the podcast
Unmatch Me Now podcast started as an idea for how to share our stories and experiences. I had already been sharing my dating stories with friends and dates and asking about their own experiences to try to understand how we are all using and perceiving online dating. hearing everyone’s thoughts and opinions made me realise we need to talk about this more openly.

I hope that by listening you can also find a deeper understanding of how we use online dating and the ways that we’re the same or different – and what to expect the next time you swipe right.

About the host:
Born in Tel Aviv, Israel and living in Berlin since 2016 - Idan is a User Experience designer & researcher, hobby-sociologist and with a perpetual interest in people, ethics, science and anything that interconnects all of these together.

As an veteran user of online dating apps, Idan experienced all sorts of weird, horrible, amazing and wonderful dates

He's also not very fond of writing in third person
What people say about it:
" I got an insider view on different mindsets, wishes and struggles of online dating users "
" I got answers to my questions about people’s behaviour and reaction on online dating apps "
" There is a diversity of guests and it’s fun to learn about their issues with online dating "
" This show is intriguing, informative, and entertaining! I’ve been on my fair share of terrible dates and I’m so glad I am not the only one "
" The podcast has a super interesting socio-psycho-philosophcial approach to dating "
"It gives me insights about how dating is different for everybody"
Why horrible dating stories?
Online dating is everything from amazing to horrible, everyone who uses online dating apps has their collection of stories about when things have gone right – or sometimes, terribly, terribly wrong.
Learning from failure
Whatever we’ve experienced with apps like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Grindr etc., exchanging stories can help us learn from the failures, understand the universal struggles everyone has with online dating, and laugh (or cry) through it all.
In many podcast episodes we will encounter tales of dates who ghosted for no apparent reason, but why does that happen? how can we deal with ghosting better? why people flake out?

It's hard for everyone to be responsible for all their social connections and respond back with everything going on in our lives, but it could be hurtful when someone disappear without any reasoning.
Some episodes that focus on this topic:
Remember when you used to meet poeple in place rather than online? research show those situations happen less and less since now we can just swipe away from our bedroom.

There are many degrees to how people behave and communicate online, but it’s clear we need to discuss about it and make sure we define what is acceptable and what is not, just like in “real” life situations.

A big part of the podcast touch on online harassments, how to deal with difficult people and the importance of taking a break from these online interactions
Some episodes that focus on this topic:
Wether it's about what you are looking for, what you are open to and what sort of interactions you would like to have - knowing your own boundaries is a good approach when using online dating apps.

There are many people out there looking for different things, and that’s ok, we are not all monogamous, we are not all poly, we are not all into casual encounters of sorts, but it’s important to learn to communicate our boundaries.
Some episodes that focus on this topic:
The requirement of consent should be applied in many different aspects of online interactions and dating and can induce a lot of very harmful situations if ignored.

There is an utmost importance for us to talk about consent and how to go about asking for it, wether it’s about exchanging nudes, physical touch or other forms of connection.
Some episodes that focus on this topic:
Defying traditional views on [either ‘what our bodies should look like’ or ‘how our bodies should look’], how we define our identity and how we explore our sexuality is important.

Sex + body positivity focus around being nonjudgmental and respectful regarding the diverse expressions of sexuality and bodies and defy traditional beauty standards.

For a lot of people our there, online dating might be a place where they get shamed and laughed at for how they look and their sexuality. Online dating should be a safe space for everyone
Some episodes that focus on this topic:
In order to have a better dating experience it’s important to know what behaviour you regard as red flags and how to reliably spot them and communicate about them if necessary
Some episodes that focus on this topic:
Despite all the negative parts, online dating can be an awesome experience and create the opportunity to meet people you would have never met otherwise. meet new friends, lovers, partners and ping pong buddies, it definitely opens up the world to new things.

if we all be kinder to each other - it would make that experience so much better.
Some episodes that focus on this topic:
With over 100 guests from all over the world, the podcast aim to cover all perspectives and experiences about online dating and how it's like in different parts of the world, different sexualities and genders and creating a diverse picture.
Want to be a guest?
Weather you want to talk about you horrible or funny online dating experience, or anything else regarding online dating - you are welcome to be a guest on the podcast
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Here are some of the guests that appeared on the show:
Diva D’Luscious
Diva D’Luscious is an American opera singer and burlesque performer currently based in Berlin. As founder of Opera Burlesque her passion is to share opera in unconventional, innovative and scandalous ways.
Stewart Rogers
Stewart is a journalist, speaker, founder, musician, and photographer. A digital nomad for the last five years, he's visited 86 countries, but now has a base in Berlin.
Alkyoni is a greek artist located in Athens. She publishes her work under the pseudonym Poisoner.
Cleo Constantine
Cleo realised she was too sexy to not put a paywall on her time, charm and hot bod, but occasionally, haplessly and foolishly did the tinder thing. She's a sex worker, grad student, podcaster, content creator and shit poster in Berlin.
Kat Nip
Kat is a comedian and a catholic-turned-alcoholic from Poland whose main hobbies include alcohol 'research', chain-smoking filterless Lucky Strikes and grooming younger, preferably ginger, men.
Steven does comedy sometimes, but mostly he hides in his hole sipping vinegar and hissing at the sun until it goes away
Nikki "Grimm" Spanou
Human Woman with a theater major. Based in Athens.
Performance art/theater
ONLINE: live streaming/gaming content/ body-sex positivity/awareness/visibility and all the good stuff, PLUS the occasional artsy-fartsy post <3
*Constantly Writing*
Valentine Capian
Out of a Berlin acting school,
Valentine is a french artist exploring around.
Performer here, producer there, bar tender yesterday, twerking teacher tomorrow.
If the message is there she will find her space.
Georgie Wolf
Georgie Wolf is a Melbourne escort, writer, and sexual adventurer. Her book 'The Art of the Hook Up' shares straightforward strategies for ethical sex and online dating.