About the podcast

Shalom! My name is Idan and I am a Tel-Avivian living in Berlin.

I’m a Tinder veteran, OK Cupid survivalist, and a Bumble sting oporator.

It’s about your stories!

Online dating is everything from amazing to horrible: being ghosted, getting blocked, stood-up, weird pick-up lines, meeting someone for one wild night or a first date…

Everyone who uses online dating apps has their collection of stories about when things have gone right – or sometimes, terribly, terribly wrong.

Whatever we’ve experienced with apps like Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid, Grindr etc., exchanging stories can help us learn from the failures, understand the universal struggles everyone has with online dating, and laugh (or cry) through it all.

Learn from the fuck-ups in your life

Unmatch Me Now podcast started as an idea for how to share our stories and experiences. I had already been sharing my dating stories with friends and dates and asking about their own experiences to try to understand how we are all using and perceiving online dating. hearing everyone’s thoughts and opinions made me realize we need to talk about this more openly.

After attending a Fuckup night event in a tech conference, where people come and share their failures and what they learned, I decided to create a larger platform for this dialogue.

Doing the podcast and hearing from people about their experiences has helped me reflect on my own dating experience, like how to move on, how to recognise when things are my fault, and how to empathise with other people and their reasons for doing things the way they do.

I hope that by listening you can also find a deeper understanding of how we use online dating and the ways that we’re the same or different – and what to expect the next time you swipe right.


Oh, and don’t forget to bring a towel. 😉

This podcast supports:


Sex is great, and we all have different ways we like to experience it, being from casual to in a relationship, upside down and tied up. we are #sexpositive and never shame people for their kinks.


We all have different bodies and like different things, so we will not shame other people’s bodies, being bigger or smaller, wider or taller or any other feature. #bodypositive


Consent is the most important part of dating and sexual interactions. while we deal with many consent issues in the podcast it’s always important to stress this one out. #nomeansno

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